I have an idea for my next tattoo design , can you help me ?

Yes. Juno Tattoo Art and my Site Juno Tattoo Designs.com are my online studios of tattoo designs made to order. I have made hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of tattoo designs for people looking for a personalized and unique tattoo.

How it works?

Is easy.

Step 1 – E-mail me or send me a Contact Form and describe what tattoo design do you wish ( design theme, for what area of your body it will be, color or grays, if this for a man or woman …)

Step 2 – I’ll send you the tattoo design cost and maybe some comments or suggestions, if necessary

Step 3 – If you’re agree, you do an initial payment of %60 for start the sketches of your design

Step 4 – Then, sketch by sketch, we work together until the design sketch looks like you wish

Step 5 – You do the final payment of %40 for the final design and the stencil

Step 6 – You receive in your email an exclusive design for your tattoo. A design just for you !

How will you send me the final design?

The tattoo design and the stencil  will be sent to your email account for download. Both are .jpeg files in high resolution ( each file size no more than of 2 MB, depending  the design size )

Can I change the color or size of my design ?

Once you receive and download your design and print it – you can bring it to a tattoo artist who then will be able to change the color to whatever you wish – he/she will also be able to re-size the design and customize it in any way you like. If there is an element of a design you don’t like, the artist will simply omit it. But we can do it in the design process because YOU and ME will work together step by step until the design like as you wish.

Is it possible to refund after purchasing a tattoo design?

No, because the design and the stencil are in digital format, there is no way to ensure that the design has not been copied or used and then returned .All purchases of tattoo designs are final and no refund is possible

Why should do an initial payment for the sketches?

I receive dozens of tattoo forms each week and I can’t do a sketch for free for each visitor of my website. With an upfront payment I know if this a seriously request and If you have the legal age to do a Pay Pal payment.

Thank you for your understanding!

How can pay you?

I accept Pay Pal payments. I’m a verified user and my account is my email account. You can make a payment directly from the PayPal web site. Or from the Payment Area of my website  JunoTattooDesigns.com/Payment Area

payment area of Juno Tattoos

*Please, do NOT make any payment until we have agreed on the details of your custom tattoo design and pricing

How I’ll know if the tattoo design will looks as I wish?

Because you and I will work together in your design sketch by sketch until the design looks like you wish.

Why I pay for design if I can find many free designs in the web ? 

Of course, you can “take” a design of the web, is free and easy.Or you can choose a design of some tattoo catalogue of the tattoo shop of your town…

But… dozens of people in your city, thousands of people in your country, and millions of people around the world will have a tattoo like this.

How much it cost?

I’m a specialist in complex and detailled designs and perfect stencils. A design made by me cost $ 50 for a simple design and $ 520 for a complex and detailled full arm design,  depending on the complexity of each tattoo design.

What the stencil is?

Line Art or Stencil is the final design in lines only, without gray tones, color or effects,  and I’ll send you each finished tattoo design with his Line Art.

Then, when your tattoo artist transfer the stencil on your skin, your design will looks exactly as you wish.



The designs are sold here to be applied by a professional tattoo artist in a sterile studio that meets all current hygiene standards.Classic tattoo,greek tattoo,sculpture tattoo,waterfont tattoo,mythologyc tattoo,greek mythology tattoo

Do you wish an exclusive and unique design for your next tattoo?
Look no further! YOU and Me can start the tattoo design of your DREAMS NOW!
Send me the CONTACT FORM below and tell me what tattoo design do you
wish. I would like to do this design for you.
tattoo designer

You can contact me by email if you prefer email tattoo designer

*Please check your spam folder if you have not received my response within 72 hours. Thank you.

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paypal buy tattoo online
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