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I love to do tattoo designs in all themes: Koi Fishes , Grim Reapers, Religious, Biomechanic, Tribals, Skulls,Roses, full arm and full back designs…

I would suggest not to waste your time looking for a tattoo design on web,or an ordinary design of a tattoo shop catalogue, you will get a very common design that already have millions of people around the world.

I propose to you to do the best design for your tattoo . A unique design for a unique person. Are you ready to start?

Juno ( custom tattoo designer)

indian chief tattoo, tattoo sketch, indian warrior tattoo

archangel tattootiki tattoo

SPARTAN WARRIORS – Greek Mythology – 300 Spartans tattoos

 300 spartans tattoo-arm tattoo-custom design medusa tattoo design-greek mythology tattoo-custom designpegaso tattoo design-greek mythology tattoo-custom design spartan warrior tattoo-arm tattoo-custom designZeus pegaso tattoo stencil-greek mythology tattoo-custom design Zeus tattoo design-greek mythology tattoo-custom design

Asian Dragon tattoos

 asian dragon tattoo-custom design black asian dragon tattoo-arm tattoo-custom design

Aztec Temple- Aztec Warrior – Aztec Sun tattoos

 aztec art tattoo-mayan pyramid tattoo-custom design  aztec eagle tattoo design-custom design  aztec sun tattoo-arm tattoo-custom design  aztec sun tattoo-shoulder tattoo-custom design

aztec warrior girl tattoo design-custom design aztec warrior tattoo design-custom design aztec warrior tattoo-chest tattoo-custom design aztec tattoo-tezcatlipoca tattoo-custom design

Virgin Mary- Religious tattoos- Praying hands – Cathedral ornaments tattoos

mother angel cherubs tattoo-religious tattoo-custom design  praying hands tattoo-custom design Religious sleeve tattoo-arm tattoo-custom design stairway to heaven-heaven door tattoo-religious tattoo-custom design Virgin Mary tattoo-cathedral ornaments tattoo-custom design Virgin Mary tattoo-religious tattoo-custom design cross tattoo-custom design

Aquarius tattoo- zodiac tattoo – feminine tattoo-Foot tattoo

aquarius tattoo-zodiac tattoo-custom design foot tattoo-flowers feminine tattoo-custom design

Space tattoo-sleeve male tattoo

space tattoo-sleeve male tattoo-custom tattoo

  Dream Catcher tattoos

dream catcher tattoo-arm tattoo-custom design

Fantasy Dragon tattoos – Fantasy Warrior tattoos

dragon warrior tattoo-arm tattoo-custom design fantasy dragon tattoo-arm tattoo-custom design warrior tattoo-arm tattoo-custom design

Diving tattoo-sleeve male tattoo

diving tattoo-sleeve male tattoo-custom tattoo

Scottish thistles tattoo-back male tattoo

scottish thistles tattoo-back male tattoo-custom design

Tacoma city tattoo-numbers tattoo

Tacoma city tattoo-numbers-tattoo-custom design

 Cessna Airplane tattoo

cessna tattoo-arm tattoo-custom design

Wolf head tattoo

wolf head tattoo stencil-custom design

Harley Davison bike tattoo

harley davison tattoo-arm tattoo-custom design

Lion of Judah tattoo

Lion of Judah tattoo design-custom design

Suebi versus romans battle sleeve tattoo 

hermann king tattoo-viking warrior tattoo-sleeve tattoo-custom tattoo suebi gladiators tattoo sleeve-custom tattoo

Tikis 3/4 sleeve tattoo

tiki tattoo sleeve-samoan tattoo-custom tattoo

Pinup tattoo

pinup tattoo-arm tattoo-custom design

Do you wish an exclusive and unique design for your next tattoo?
Look no further! YOU and Me can start the tattoo design of your DREAMS NOW!
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